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About Emma

I’m an Irish Doula living and working in Los Angeles with my husband. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2015 I have been working with families supporting them through the birth and postpartum period. Working as a Doula was something I explored a number of years ago in Ireland but it was only since moving to Los Angeles that I took the plunge and began working full time as a Doula.

Supporting families through this time is of great importance to me. I enjoy educating, caring and providing space for new parents. Encouraging mothers to rest,recover and proving space for family bonding time. I work with the whole family to help ease the transition to parenthood or to having another child.

I’ve supported and worked with families from a young age, visited clinics in developing countries, completed a Masters degree in Maternal health from the School of Sociology at University College Dublin, Ireland. I now find myself in Los Angeles and looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experience with the families I work with here.

PS, ¬†when I’m not working with babies you can probably find me at the beach, traveling, cooking and spending time with friends. Yes, I do end up holding a lot of babies on my time off too! I’m thankful that my husband understands my job and supports me through it. He is an English Astrophysicist working in UCLA. You have him to thank for bringing us to Los Angeles.